Juan’s Tijuana is a Tijuana Forum and Tijuana informational website focusing on the legal Tijuana adult scene, Tijuana massage, Tijuana escorts, Tijuana strip clubs, the Tijuana bars and much more. We detail the entire city of Tijuana including Tijuana hotels, Tijuana restaurants and the Tijuana sex red light district in the zona norte, called La Coahuila which includes the world famous Tijuana bar, Adelita Bar, called Adelitas, Hong Kong Club, currently the hottest bar in TJ, Las Chavelas and many other bars. We also have an overview on the world travel scene. Juan's Tijuana has more Tijuana legal adult info, Tijuana massage, Tijuana escorts, Tijuana bars, Tijuana strip clubs and Tijuana adult activity information than any other Tijuana website. Juan's Tijuana goal is to introduce you to Tijuana and learn everything about Tijuana. The restaurants, food carts, hotels, transportation, how to stay safe in TJ, with all the stories heard about how dangerous TJ is, the bars, nightlife and all other legal aspects of TJ. The things that any tourist visiting TJ can visit. We also provide Tijuana Tours for those interested. We are one of the very few sites whose primary focus is TJ and have many posts and archived info on all aspects of Tijuana with many photos and posts from our members. We even offer free Sample Pages. Learn all about our Memberships and Discussion Board.

The info on Juan's Tijuana is for informational purposes only. We, as owners of Juan's Tijuana, do not own any of businesses or any service talked about in Tijuana or any other world area. Nor do we represent any individual. Unlike many websites, we have no ads on our website pages and we don't receive any money or kickbacks from anyone for recommendations or promoting. We receive no advertising money or promotional fees from any individual or service. We may voice our opinion or give recommendations but we receive no monies to do so. Again, we employ no one or represent anyone in this section. Like I said, all info on this website is strictly informational and what is legal in Tijuana, that any adult 18 years old of age can participate in.

Our specialization is Tijuana. Juan's Tijuana was designed to give the new or even veteran Tijuana (TJ) visitor a lot of info to ensure a safe and happy experience in the city of Tijuana. While we provide huge amounts of info on the Tijuana bars including world famous Adelitas with reports and many pics, strip clubs, TJ massage places and legal Mexican service providers, we also have a large amount of information about Tijuana restaurants, Tijuana hotels, Tijuana escorts with lots of pictures, famous Revolucion Blvd., and many other topics.

We will tell you everything about Tijuana. We will detail the many bars in the red light district, including Adelitas, Chicago Club, Las Chavelas, Tropical Bar, Miami Bar, the Hong Kong Club and many others. We will tell you about all the Tijuana strip clubs including Peanuts and Beer, Purple Rain and Amnesia and about the wild women that work there. Need a Tijuana hotel or a place to eat in Tijuana? No problem. We detail every place in Tijuana where people like to stay like Las Cascadas, Ticuan, Pueblo Amigo, Villa de Zaragoza among others. We'll detail all food options from getting a simple hotdog wrapped in bacon (a TJ specialty), a delicious taco or a fancy meal. Need a massage to relax? We detail all the local massage places including Azteca, Spa Clasico (formerly Executive) and many others. We'll even give you a personal Tijuana tour as a Juan's member for an extra fee.

We focus only on what is LEGAL and accepted in Tijuana and different countries where any visitor or local can go. We're talking the adult scene and nightlife in Tijuana as well as the city of Tijuana and all it has to offer hotel wise, restaurant wise, culturally and many other areas of interest! We are the #1 Tijuana informational website on the Net and have over fourteen years of current and archived info and all our info is fresh and up to date as of Sunday, March 18, 2018.

Why is Juan's Tijuana by far the #1 Tijuana adult site on the Net?

  • Large up to date TJ escort section with photos of all the escorts. The safest way to meet TJ girls.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of real TJ working girl photos.
  • Up to the day reports on the problems going on in TJ. Learn the safest areas and what not to.
  • Over sixteen years of Tijuana info, more than any TJ website
  • Keep your anonymity. Pay sites are private unlike free sites that can be easily accessed by anyone, including, wives, spouses, TJ girls and others you don't want reading your posts.
  • Well over 1,000 chica (working girl) reports and growing every day
  • Large Adelita's and Hong Kong Club sections with working girl reports and lot's of hot sexy pics
  • Large TJ scam and police section so you can feel safe in TJ and learn how to deal with the police
  • More info on TJ bars, TJ restaurants, hotels, strip clubs and massage places than any other TJ website.
  • Huge street girl section
  • Well over 500 trip reports and new ones every month
  • Custom designed website and most easily navigated TJ website with powerful search engines.
  • Our primary focus remains Tijuana
  • Access in as little as 10 minutes and always less than 24 hours. No need to wait for days mailing in for access.
  • Virtually no flaming, not like the constant bickering on many adult discussion boards.
  • Free bonus world content and a huge world reports section
  • Largest Spanish area of any TJ site. Anything you want translated is done for you
  • No dead threads and lots of useless chit chat like some other TJ sites who count these as daily posts.
  • Everything included to make your trip a happy and safe one.
  • Meeting central where you can hook up with other members if you choose to
  • Tours available to educate you on all legal aspects of Tijuana and make you feel safe.
  • Huge most commonly asked question section
  • A very active discussion board, where your questions can be answered promptly
  • Every single aspect of TJ is detailed including money exchanges, pharmacies and any thing else you can think of.
  • An Ask Juan section where you can ask a question and get an answer as quickly as a few minutes.
  • And like we said, FREE world bonus content as our primary focus remains TJ. Do you want info on different world areas?
  • Easily earn free membership time
  • And so much more for less than $6 a month with FAST access to our website!

    Juan's Tijuana also offers travel information on many other areas. We have travel info on many world areas, including Thailand, the Philippines, Rio, (Brazil), Amsterdam, Germany, Russia, Costa Rica, Argentina (Buenos Aires), Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Cuba (Havana) and many other areas and cities.

    We are strictly a TJ and world informational site where members can learn all about Tijuana (and selected world areas) and exchange information, stories, etc.. We do not pander, receive any money or represent any of the girls working in Tijuana. We don't talk about how to score drugs in TJ and we do not set anyone up to have sex in Tijuana. We only talk about legal activities in all these countries and never discuss activies about anyone under 18. We have not and we never will condone having sexual or any kind of relationship with anyone under the legal age of 18. If this is what you are looking for, please leave now!

    This site operates on many levels. It is for the newbie who has never been to Tijuana or any other world destination and wants a lot of info and has questions. It is for the occasional traveler, who wants more info and wants to share experiences. It is also for the travel veteran who can always learn more and help others by sharing his experiences. Many of our site members travel all over the world. We hope this site can provide enjoyment until your next visits.

    Tijuana can be intimidating

    It is important to note that Tijuana and Mexico in general, is much different than the United States. Tijuana can be intimidating, both physically and financially. Crime and muggings are not uncommon and we hope to give you advice here to help keep you safe. Barkers and hustlers also try to get dollars out of unsuspecting tourists. The goal of this site is to provide enough info by text, photos and our tours so that a even a first time visitor can have a great and safe time.

    We give personal tours for those that want to take advantage of Juan’s vast TJ knowledge. Tours are only available to site members. Imagine being able to read and view all the information on this site and then being shown everything first hand. We’ll include in the Tijuana tour, a visit to Hong Kong Club, Adelitas, called Adelita Bar and Chicago Club (among many other bars and places) You will feel safer on your first visits and we will show you how to save time and money. A tour is highly recommended for any TJ newbie.

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  • Summary

    Juan's Tijuana is a Tijuana information site for travelers interested in erotic entertainment and all aspects of Tijuana. Juan's Tijuana has been the best source of adult travel information for Tijuana for many years. Everything discussed on this site is by consenting adults 18 years of age or over. If you want to find information on how to find legal adult entertainment in Tijuana, Juan's Tijuana is your best resource for this erotic information. If you are a frequent traveler to Tijuana, Juan's Tijuana can save you a lot of money, by showing you how not to get ripped off and how to keep safe. If you are interested in a romance or possibly marriage with a Mexican Latina, it is very rare, but you might be able to accomplish this with information supplied by Juan's Tijuana. We recommend and endorse many Tijuana resturants, hotels and local businesses and strive to bring Tijuana back to life, despite all the articles about drug trafficking and violence.